ADBM-A350 | Finger-Navigation Optical Sensor

PixArt Imaging's ADBM-A350 sensor module acts as a finger-tracking X-Y motion sensor. See the notes below for common applications of this sensor as well as guides on how to bring it up.

Hello World

Import programADBM-A350_referenceCode

Reference firmware for PixArt's ADBM-A350 sensor and evaluation board. "Hello World" and "Library" contain the exact same files. Please import just one of the two into your mBed compiler as a new program and not as a library.


Import programOFN_A350_Demo

PixArt Optical Finger Navigation, OFN, demo program for A350 sensor with library. Alternative porting style in C++. Initial release v1.0.




Setup and Evaluation

For a guide on how to setup the ADBM-A350 sensor module with the Nordic nRF52-DK microcontroller, please visit this Wiki guide:

For a guide on how to setup the ADBM-A350 sensor module with any other mBed-supported microcontroller, please visit this Wiki guide:

Common Applications

This sensor is meant to track direct-contact motion from a fingertip. Common applications are for human-interfacing in devices such as smartphones, video game controllers, or a steering wheel in a car. The sensor comes as an entire module with a cover and FPC. The sensor would report a number of counts depending on how much the sensor sees that the contacting surface has moved. These counts can be used for controls (e.g. Let's say swiping your finger from left-to-right outputs +100 to +150 counts in the deltaX direction depending on the motion. After detecting 50 counts, increment volume by 1).

Where to Buy

North America - WPG Americas (Distributor)

Taiwan and China - AIT Group (Distributor)

Questions & Contact

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