Multisensor Industrial Asset Monitor

  • Connectivity: LoRa, NFC, BTLE, CAT M1, NB-IoT
  • MCU: Arm Cortex M4F, 64MHz
  • Memory: 1MB Flash, 256KB RAM, +4MB QSPI Flash
  • Silicon vendor: Nordic Semiconductor


The Agora EPM2M-AG-CELL epSensor is a flexible multi-sensor device designed to be used as a module by OEMs to be added to a system or as a complete solution for monitoring air quality, temperature/humidity, motion detection, audio detection, light sensing, accelerometer and time of flight. Cellular connectivity allows the epSensor to be used in locations without Ethernet or Wi-Fi access. epSensor enables OEMs to easily add automated asset tracking and replenishment features to their equipment while also benefitting from rich datasets that can be used for machine learning techniques to gain better insights in to usage and operations.

  • Mbed has developed universal communication drivers for supported MCUs, abstracts useful network interfaces and speeds up development in general.
  • Mbed solved the challenges of inter-IC communication and compiling.
  • The Mbed compiler and interface abstractions circumvent the effort of learning each manufacturer’s HAL and/or SDK for programming a new part. By simply changing the target flag in the compiler it is possible to run the same code on multiple targets.
  • The product took 6 months to develop between 3 software engineers and 2 hardware engineers.
  • Specification
  • Fanstel BT840 module which is based on a Nordic nRF52840 for Bluetooth, NFC and 802.15.4
  • Telit ME910C1 provides LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT
  • NiceRF LoRa
  • Using Mbed OS v5.12
  • MAX44009 Ambient Light sensor
  • Si7021 Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • LSM9DS1 and ICM-20602 Inertial Measurement sensors
  • BME860 Air Quality sensor
  • VL53L0X Time of flight distance sensor
  • ICS-43432 Audio Microphone
  • Connects to Pelion Device Management for device configuration, software updates and security management
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