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lpc_types.h File Reference

lpc_types.h File Reference

Contains the NXP ABL typedefs for C standard types. More...

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typedef void(* PFV )()
 Pointer to Function returning Void (any number of parameters)
typedef int32_t(* PFI )()
 Pointer to Function returning int32_t (any number of parameters)
typedef char CHAR
 SMA type for character type.
typedef uint8_t UNS_8
 SMA type for 8 bit unsigned value.
typedef int8_t INT_8
 SMA type for 8 bit signed value.
typedef uint16_t UNS_16
 SMA type for 16 bit unsigned value.
typedef int16_t INT_16
 SMA type for 16 bit signed value.
typedef uint32_t UNS_32
 SMA type for 32 bit unsigned value.
typedef int32_t INT_32
 SMA type for 32 bit signed value.
typedef int64_t INT_64
 SMA type for 64 bit signed value.
typedef uint64_t UNS_64
 SMA type for 64 bit unsigned value.
typedef Bool BOOL_32
 32 bit boolean type
typedef Bool BOOL_16
 16 bit boolean type
typedef Bool BOOL_8
 8 bit boolean type


enum  Bool

Boolean Type definition.

enum  FlagStatus

Flag Status and Interrupt Flag Status type definition.

enum  FunctionalState

Functional State Definition.

enum  Status

@ Status type definition


Read/Write transfer type mode (Block or non-block)


Detailed Description

Contains the NXP ABL typedefs for C standard types.

It is intended to be used in ISO C conforming development environments and checks for this insofar as it is possible to do so.

27 Jul. 2008
NXP MCU SW Application Team

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Definition in file lpc_types.h.