PHS module SMA-01 library. see:

Dependencies:   Socket lwip-sys lwip

Dependents:   AbitUSBModem_HTTPTest AbitUSBModem_MQTTTest AbitUSBModem_WebsocketTest AbitUSBModem_SMSTest

Fork of VodafoneUSBModem by mbed official

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for AbitUSBModem


ATCommandsInterface AT Commands interface class
IATCommandsProcessor Interface implemented by components executing complex AT commands
IATEventsHandler Interface implemented by components handling AT events
IPInterface Generic IP-based network interface
IUSBHostSerial Generic interface to abstract 3G dongles' impl
LwIPInterface LwIP-based network interface
PPPIPInterface Interface using PPP to connect to an IP-based network
SMSInterface Component to use the Short Messages Service (SMS)
USBHostPhsPort A class to communicate a USB virtual serial port


AbitUSBModem.cpp [code]
AbitUSBModem.h [code]
ATCommandsInterface.cpp [code]
ATCommandsInterface.h [code]
bsd_socket.h [code]
config.h [code]
dbg.cpp [code]
dbg.h [code]
errors.h [code]
fwk.h [code]
in.h [code]
IOSerialStream.cpp [code]
IOSerialStream.h [code]
IOStream.h [code]
IPInterface.cpp [code]
IPInterface.h [code]
IUSBHostSerial.h [code]
IUSBHostSerialListener.h [code]
LwIPInterface.cpp [code]
LwIPInterface.h [code]
lwipopts_conf.h [code]
MtxCircBuffer.h [code]
netdb.h [code]
PPPIPInterface.cpp [code]
PPPIPInterface.h [code]
SMSInterface.cpp [code]
SMSInterface.h [code]
socket.h [code]
USBHostPhs.cpp [code]
USBHostPhs.h [code]
USBSerialStream.cpp [code]
USBSerialStream.h [code]