Classes to produce a computed sound wave on the analog output.

Dependents:   SoundWaveGeneratorTest SoundWaveGeneratorTest

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for SoundWaveGenerator


BufferedWave A base class for Waves which pre-computes their values in a buffer during preparation and play from that buffer
SineWave A class producing a sine wave of a given frequency
SoundWaveGenerator A class to handle computed sound wave generation
TriangleWave A class producing a triangle wave of a given frequency
Wave Interface of a playable sound wave
WaveBuffer A class used to hold buffered sound wave data
WaveCombo A class that produces a wave that results of the combination of multiple waves


BufferedWave.h [code]
SineWave.cpp [code]
SineWave.h [code]
SoundWaveGenerator.cpp [code]
SoundWaveGenerator.h [code]
TriangleWave.cpp [code]
TriangleWave.h [code]
Wave.h [code]
WaveBuffer.cpp [code]
WaveBuffer.h [code]
WaveCombo.cpp [code]
WaveCombo.h [code]