HID-over-GATT implementation with the BLE API. This library allows to create devices such as mouse, keyboard or joystick, over Bluetooth Low Energy.

Dependents:   BLENano_HID BLE_HID_MouseScrollDemo BLE_HID_KeyboardStreamDemo Shervs_TestKeyboard_TinyBLE ... more

The development repository is currently hosted on github. It contains examples and documentation. This is a snapshot of the library. The documentation can be read on github, or on docs.mbed.com.

Jean-Philippe Brucker
Wed Oct 07 11:29:52 2015 +0100
Publish version 0.1 of the BLE HID lib

This version number is completely arbitrary, and probably won't stick: once the
service is stable, we'll merge it with BLE API.
It is simply used to keep examples in sync with the lib and the github
repository during development.

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