BLE temperature profile using digital DS1820 or analog LM35 sensors

Dependencies:   DS1820

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for BLE_Temperature


AnalogIn An analog input, used for reading the voltage on a pin
AnalogOut An analog output, used for setting the voltage on a pin
ant_evt_t ANT stack event type
app_button_cfg_t Button configuration structure
app_fifo_t A FIFO instance structure
app_uart_buffers_t UART buffer for transmitting/receiving data
app_uart_comm_params_t UART communication structure holding configuration settings for the peripheral
app_uart_evt_t Struct containing events from the UART module
ble_advdata_conn_int_t Connection interval range structure
ble_advdata_manuf_data_t Manufacturer specific data structure
ble_advdata_service_data_t Service data structure
ble_advdata_t Advertising data structure
ble_advdata_uuid_list_t UUID list type
ble_bondmngr_evt_t Bond Manager Module event
ble_bondmngr_init_t Bond Manager Module init structure
ble_common_evt_t Event structure for events not associated with a specific function module
ble_conn_params_evt_t Connection Parameters Module event
ble_conn_params_init_t Connection Parameters Module init structure
ble_date_time_t Date and Time structure
ble_error_log_data_t Error Log Data structure
ble_evt_hdr_t BLE Event header
ble_evt_t Common BLE Event type, wrapping the module specific event reports
ble_evt_tx_complete_t TX complete event
ble_evt_user_mem_release_t Event structure for BLE_EVT_USER_MEM_RELEASE
ble_evt_user_mem_request_t Event structure for BLE_EVT_USER_MEM_REQUEST
ble_gap_addr_t Bluetooth Low Energy address
ble_gap_adv_params_t GAP advertising parameters
ble_gap_conn_params_t GAP connection parameters
ble_gap_conn_sec_mode_t GAP link requirements
ble_gap_conn_sec_t GAP connection security status
ble_gap_enc_info_t GAP Encryption Information
ble_gap_evt_auth_key_request_t Event data for authentication key request event
ble_gap_evt_auth_status_t Event data for authentication status event
ble_gap_evt_conn_param_update_t Event data for connection parameter update event
ble_gap_evt_conn_sec_update_t Event data for connection security update event
ble_gap_evt_connected_t Event data for connected event
ble_gap_evt_disconnected_t Event data for disconnected event
ble_gap_evt_passkey_display_t Event data for passkey display event
ble_gap_evt_rssi_changed_t Event data for advertisement report event
ble_gap_evt_sec_info_request_t Event data for securito info request event
ble_gap_evt_sec_params_request_t Event data for security parameters request event
ble_gap_evt_t GAP event callback event structure
ble_gap_evt_timeout_t Event data for timeout event
ble_gap_id_info_t GAP Identity Information
ble_gap_irk_t Identity Resolving Key
ble_gap_master_id_t GAP Master Identification
ble_gap_scan_params_t GAP scanning parameters
ble_gap_sec_keys_t Keys that have been exchanged
ble_gap_sec_levels_t Security levels supported
ble_gap_sec_params_t GAP security parameters
ble_gap_sign_info_t GAP Signing Information
ble_gap_whitelist_t Whitelist structure
ble_gatt_char_ext_props_t GATT Characteristic Extended Properties
ble_gatt_char_props_t GATT Characteristic Properties
ble_gattc_char_t GATT characteristic
ble_gattc_desc_t GATT descriptor
ble_gattc_evt_char_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_char_val_by_uuid_read_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_VAL_BY_UUID_READ_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_char_vals_read_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_CHAR_VALS_READ_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_desc_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_DESC_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_hvx_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_HVX
ble_gattc_evt_prim_srvc_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_PRIM_SRVC_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_read_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_READ_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_rel_disc_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_REL_DISC_RSP
ble_gattc_evt_t GATTC event type
ble_gattc_evt_timeout_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_TIMEOUT
ble_gattc_evt_write_rsp_t Event structure for BLE_GATTC_EVT_WRITE_RSP
ble_gattc_handle_range_t Operation Handle Range
ble_gattc_handle_value_t GATT read by UUID handle value pair
ble_gattc_include_t GATT include
ble_gattc_service_t GATT service
ble_gattc_write_params_t Write Parameters
ble_gatts_attr_context_t GATT Attribute Context
ble_gatts_attr_md_t Attribute metadata
ble_gatts_attr_t GATT Attribute
ble_gatts_char_handles_t GATT Characteristic Definition Handles
ble_gatts_char_md_t GATT Characteristic metadata
ble_gatts_char_pf_t GATT Characteristic Presentation Format
ble_gatts_evt_hvc_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_HVC
ble_gatts_evt_read_t Event structure for authorize read request
ble_gatts_evt_rw_authorize_request_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_RW_AUTHORIZE_REQUEST
ble_gatts_evt_sys_attr_missing_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_SYS_ATTR_MISSING
ble_gatts_evt_t GATT Server event callback event structure
ble_gatts_evt_timeout_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_TIMEOUT
ble_gatts_evt_write_t Event structure for BLE_GATTS_EVT_WRITE
ble_gatts_hvx_params_t GATT HVx parameters
ble_gatts_read_authorize_params_t GATT Read Authorization parameters
ble_gatts_rw_authorize_reply_params_t GATT Read or Write Authorize Reply parameters
ble_gatts_write_authorize_params_t GATT Write Authorisation parameters
ble_l2cap_evt_rx_t L2CAP Received packet event report
ble_l2cap_evt_t L2CAP event callback event structure
ble_l2cap_header_t Packet header format for L2CAP transmission
ble_racp_value_t Record Access Control Point value structure
ble_sensorsim_cfg_t Triangular waveform sensor simulator configuration
ble_sensorsim_state_t Triangular waveform sensor simulator state
ble_srv_cccd_security_mode_t Security settings structure
ble_srv_report_ref_t Value of a Report Reference descriptor
ble_srv_security_mode_t Security settings structure
ble_srv_utf8_str_t UTF-8 string data type
ble_user_mem_block_t User Memory Block
ble_uuid128_t 128 bit UUID values
ble_uuid_t Bluetooth Low Energy UUID type, encapsulates both 16-bit and 128-bit UUIDs
ble_version_t Version Information
BLEDevice The base class used to abstract away BLE capable radio transceivers or SOCs, to enable this BLE API to work with any radio transparently
BusIn A digital input bus, used for reading the state of a collection of pins
BusInOut A digital input output bus, used for setting the state of a collection of pins
BusOut A digital output bus, used for setting the state of a collection of pins
CAN A can bus client, used for communicating with can devices
CANMessage CANMessage class
cmd_response_t Command response type
DigitalIn A digital input, used for reading the state of a pin
DigitalInOut A digital input/output, used for setting or reading a bi-directional pin
DigitalOut A digital output, used for setting the state of a pin
DirHandle Represents a directory stream
Ethernet An ethernet interface, to use with the ethernet pins
FileHandle An OO equivalent of the internal FILEHANDLE variable and associated _sys_* functions
FileSystemLike A filesystem-like object is one that can be used to open files though it by fopen("/name/filename", mode)
FunctionPointer A class for storing and calling a pointer to a static or member void function
Gap The base class used to abstract GAP functionality to a specific radio transceiver, SOC or BLE Stack
GapAdvertisingData This class provides several helper functions to generate properly formatted GAP Advertising and Scan Response data payloads
GapAdvertisingParams This class provides a wrapper for the core advertising parameters, including the advertising type (Connectable Undirected, Non Connectable Undirected, etc.), as well as the advertising and timeout intervals
GapEvents The base class used to abstract away the callback events that can be triggered with the GAP
GattCharacteristic GATT characteristic
GattServer The base class used to abstract GATT Server functionality to a specific radio transceiver, SOC or BLE Stack
GattServerEvents The base class used to abstract away the callback events that can be triggered with the GATT Server
GattService GATT service
hci_slip_evt_t Structure containing an event from the SLIP layer
hci_transport_evt_t Struct containing events from the Transport layer
I2C An I2C Master, used for communicating with I2C slave devices
I2CSlave An I2C Slave, used for communicating with an I2C Master device
InterruptIn A digital interrupt input, used to call a function on a rising or falling edge
InterruptManager Use this singleton if you need to chain interrupt handlers
LocalFileSystem A filesystem for accessing the local mbed Microcontroller USB disk drive
nrf_ecb_hal_data_t AES ECB data structure
PortIn A multiple pin digital input
PortInOut A multiple pin digital in/out used to set/read multiple bi-directional pins
PortOut A multiple pin digital out
GattCharacteristic::PresentationFormat GATT presentation format wrapper
PwmOut A pulse-width modulation digital output
RawSerial A serial port (UART) for communication with other serial devices This is a variation of the Serial class that doesn't use streams, thus making it safe to use in interrupt handlers with the RTOS
Serial A serial port (UART) for communication with other serial devices
SerialBase A base class for serial port implementations Can't be instantiated directly (use Serial or RawSerial )
SPI A SPI Master, used for communicating with SPI slave devices
SPISlave A SPI slave, used for communicating with a SPI Master device
Ticker A Ticker is used to call a function at a recurring interval
Timeout A Timeout is used to call a function at a point in the future
Timer A general purpose timer
TimerEvent Base abstraction for timer interrupts
uint8_array_t Byte array type


AnalogIn.h [code]
analogin_api.h [code]
AnalogOut.h [code]
analogout_api.h [code]
ansi_escape.h [code] TBD
ant_stack_handler_types.h [code]
app_button.h [code]
app_error.h [code]
app_fifo.h [code]
app_gpiote.h [code]
app_scheduler.h [code]
app_timer.cpp [code]
app_timer.h [code]
app_uart.h [code]
app_util.h [code]
assertion.h [code] TBD
binary.h [code]
ble.h [code]
ble_advdata.cpp [code]
ble_advdata.h [code]
ble_advdata_parser.cpp [code]
ble_advdata_parser.h [code]
ble_bondmngr.cpp [code]
ble_bondmngr.h [code]
ble_bondmngr_cfg.h [code]
ble_central_bondmngr.h [code]
ble_conn_params.cpp [code]
ble_conn_params.h [code]
ble_date_time.h [code] Contains definition of ble_date_time structure
ble_debug_assert_handler.cpp [code]
ble_debug_assert_handler.h [code]
ble_dtm.h [code]
ble_err.h [code]
ble_error.h [code] Error Header
ble_error_log.cpp [code]
ble_error_log.h [code]
ble_flash.h [code]
ble_gap.h [code]
ble_gatt.h [code]
ble_gattc.h [code]
ble_gatts.h [code]
ble_hci.h [code]
ble_l2cap.h [code]
ble_racp.h [code]
ble_radio_notification.h [code]
ble_ranges.h [code]
ble_rpc_cmd_decoder.h [code]
ble_rpc_cmd_decoder_gap.h [code]
ble_rpc_cmd_decoder_gatts.h [code]
ble_rpc_cmd_encoder.h [code]
ble_rpc_defines.h [code]
ble_rpc_event_decoder.h [code]
ble_rpc_event_decoder_gap.h [code]
ble_rpc_event_decoder_gatts.h [code]
ble_rpc_event_encoder.h [code]
ble_rpc_event_encoder_gap.h [code]
ble_rpc_event_encoder_gatts.h [code]
ble_rpc_pkt_receiver.h [code]
ble_sensorsim.h [code]
ble_srv_common.cpp [code]
ble_srv_common.h [code]
ble_stack_handler_types.h [code]
ble_types.h [code]
blecommon.h [code]
BLEDevice.h [code]
btle.cpp [code]
btle.h [code]
btle_advertising.cpp [code]
btle_advertising.h [code]
btle_gap.cpp [code]
btle_gap.h [code]
BusIn.h [code]
BusInOut.h [code]
BusOut.h [code]
CallChain.h [code]
CAN.h [code]
can_api.h [code]
can_helper.h [code]
common.h [code]
compiler.h [code] GCC Header
crc16.cpp [code]
crc16.h [code]
custom_helper.cpp [code]
custom_helper.h [code]
DigitalIn.h [code]
DigitalInOut.h [code]
DigitalOut.h [code]
DirHandle.h [code]
error.h [code]
Ethernet.h [code]
ethernet_api.h [code]
FileBase.h [code]
FileHandle.h [code]
FileLike.h [code]
FilePath.h [code]
FileSystemLike.h [code]
FunctionPointer.h [code]
Gap.h [code]
GapAdvertisingData.cpp [code]
GapAdvertisingData.h [code]
GapAdvertisingParams.cpp [code]
GapAdvertisingParams.h [code]
GapEvents.h [code]
GattCharacteristic.cpp [code]
GattCharacteristic.h [code]
GattServer.h [code]
GattServerEvents.h [code]
GattService.cpp [code]
GattService.h [code]
gpio_api.h [code]
gpio_irq_api.h [code]
hci_mem_pool.h [code]
hci_mem_pool_internal.h [code]
hci_slip.h [code]
hci_transport.h [code]
I2C.h [code]
i2c_api.h [code]
I2CSlave.h [code]
InterruptIn.h [code]
InterruptManager.h [code]
LocalFileSystem.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
mbed.h [code]
mbed_debug.h [code]
mbed_interface.h [code]
nordic_common.h [code] Common defines and macros for firmware developed by Nordic Semiconductor
nordic_global.h [code]
nRF51822n.cpp [code]
nRF51822n.h [code]
nRF51Gap.cpp [code]
nRF51Gap.h [code]
nRF51GattServer.cpp [code]
nRF51GattServer.h [code]
nrf_assert.h [code] Utilities for verifying program logic
nrf_ecb.h [code] ECB driver API
nrf_error.h [code]
nrf_error_sdm.h [code]
nrf_error_soc.h [code]
nrf_gpio.h [code]
nrf_nvmc.h [code] NMVC driver API
nrf_sdm.h [code]
nrf_soc.h [code]
nrf_svc.h [code]
nrf_temp.h [code]
pinmap.h [code]
platform.h [code]
port_api.h [code]
PortIn.h [code]
PortInOut.h [code]
PortOut.h [code]
projectconfig.h [code]
pstorage.cpp [code]
pstorage.h [code]
pstorage_platform.h [code]
PwmOut.h [code]
pwmout_api.h [code]
RawSerial.h [code]
rtc_api.h [code]
rtc_time.h [code]
semihost_api.h [code]
Serial.h [code]
serial_api.h [code]
SerialBase.h [code]
sleep_api.h [code]
softdevice_assert.h [code]
softdevice_handler.cpp [code]
softdevice_handler.h [code]
SPI.h [code]
spi_api.h [code]
SPISlave.h [code]
Stream.h [code]
system_nrf51.h [code]
Ticker.h [code]
Timeout.h [code]
Timer.h [code]
TimerEvent.h [code]
toolchain.h [code]
us_ticker_api.h [code]
UUID.cpp [code]
UUID.h [code]
wait_api.h [code]