A library with drivers for different peripherals on the LPC4088 QuickStart Board or related add-on boards.

Dependencies:   FATFileSystem

Dependents:   LPC4088test LPC4088test_ledonly LPC4088test_deleteall LPC4088_RAMtest ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for EALib


AR1021 Microchip Touch Screen Controller ( AR1021 )
LcdController::Config LCD configuration
EaLcdBoard An interface to Embedded Artists LCD Boards
GFXFb Graphical library based on Adafruit's GFX using a Frame buffer
LcdController A LCD controller interface
MCIFileSystem Access the filesystem on an SD Card using MCI
MMA7455 Freescale Accelerometer MMA7455
QSPIFileSystem Access the filesystem on an QSPI flash using SPIFI
TouchPanel An abstract class that represents touch panels
TSC2046 Texas Instruments Touch Screen Controller ( TSC2046 )
XBee Interface to Digi International's XBee module


Adafruit_GFX.cpp [code]
Adafruit_GFX.h [code]
AR1021.cpp [code]
AR1021.h [code]
EaLcdBoard.cpp [code]
EaLcdBoard.h [code]
GFXFb.cpp [code]
GFXFb.h [code]
glcdfont.c [code]
gpdma.cpp [code]
gpdma.h [code]
LcdController.cpp [code]
LcdController.h [code]
MCIFileSystem.cpp [code]
MCIFileSystem.h [code]
MMA7455.cpp [code]
MMA7455.h [code]
QSPIFileSystem.cpp [code]
QSPIFileSystem.h [code]
sdram.cpp [code]
sdram.h [code]
SPIFI.cpp [code]
SPIFI.h [code]
spifi_rom_api.h [code]
TouchPanel.h [code]
TSC2046.cpp [code]
TSC2046.h [code]
XBee.cpp [code]
XBee.h [code]