Partial implementation of BlueGiga's BGAPI for use with the BLE112/3 modules over UART.

Hi there! I recently started using BLE112 modules with the mbed LPC1768 MCU, and I realized there was no implementation of BlueGiga's BGAPI available for mbed. This library implements only a few commands, but if you're looking to get started, this is a good place to look.

This was developed against BGAPI v1.3.2. I make no guarantees as to how well it will work with newer revisions of the software.

Tue May 19 07:30:40 2015 +0000
Adding Scan Result callback support.

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dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 1 #include "api_datatypes.h"
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 2 #ifndef CALLBACKS_H
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 3 #define CALLBACKS_H
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 4
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 5 /** @file callbacks.h
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 6 * @brief Definitions of function callbacks that BGLib will invoke.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 7 * In order to take advantage of these callbacks, use the corresponding setter in the BGLib API.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 8 */
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 9
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 10 /** @brief Function pointer for Hello response handler.
dishbreak 5:7c7220a316ed 11 * This is a pointer to a callback for the Hello response. It should point to a function that takes no arguments.
dishbreak 5:7c7220a316ed 12 */
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 13 typedef void (*hello_callback_t)();
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 14
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 15 /** Function pointer for Get Info response handler.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 16 * @param ble_msg_system_get_info_rsp_t A data structure containing the response.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 17 */
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 18 typedef void (*get_info_callback_t)(ble_msg_system_get_info_rsp_t);
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 19
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 20 /** Function pointer for System Boot event handler.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 21 * @param ble_msg_system_boot_evt_t A data structure containing the data from the System Boot event.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 22 */
dishbreak 3:8f43af513d87 23 typedef void (*boot_callback_t)(ble_msg_system_boot_evt_t);
dishbreak 3:8f43af513d87 24
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 25 /** Function pointer for timestamping. This is a function that is intended to run whenever there is <em>any</em> data available on the UART.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 26 */
dishbreak 4:21eee6881dac 27 typedef void (*timestamp_callback_t)();
dishbreak 4:21eee6881dac 28
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 29 /** Function pointer for Discover response handler.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 30 * @param ble_msg_gap_discover_rsp_t A data structure containing the response.
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 31 */
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 32 typedef void (*discover_callback_t)(ble_msg_gap_discover_rsp_t);
dishbreak 6:23d9a99dcde0 33
dishbreak 7:63daf39f20e1 34 /** Function pointer for Scan Result event handler.
dishbreak 7:63daf39f20e1 35 * @param ble_msg_gap_scan_result_evt_t A data structure containing the data from a Scan Result event.
dishbreak 7:63daf39f20e1 36 */
dishbreak 7:63daf39f20e1 37 typedef void (*scan_result_callback_t)(ble_msg_gap_scan_result_evt_t);
dishbreak 7:63daf39f20e1 38
dishbreak 2:3ce9a31a6a7e 39 #endif