This program is guided to help establish a connection between two RFM95 900MHz LoRa radio modules using Maxim Integrated's Feather MCUs (MAX32630FTHR Mbed and the MAX32620FTHR Mbed). Once the radios are configured after powering on and if the radios are wired correctly, the two radios will self identify as either a master or a slave, and will then proceed to PING and PONG back and forth. Information about what is happening between the radios can be seen if the two boards are hooked up to a USB COM port through the included DAPLINK/MAX32625PICO modules.

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial SX1276GenericLib USBDeviceHT max32630fthr

Fork of MAX326xxFTHR_LoRa_PingPong by Devin Alexander

Fri Jun 15 18:23:44 2018 +0000
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Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 1 /*
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 2 * Copyright (c) 2018 Helmut Tschemernjak
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 3 * 30826 Garbsen (Hannover) Germany
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 4 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0);
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 5 */
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 6
dev_alexander 19:9f035b9e65ec 7
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 8 #include "mbed.h"
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 9 #include "PinMap.h"
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 10 #include "BufferedSerial.h"
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 11 #ifdef FEATURE_USBSERIAL
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 12 #include "USBSerialBuffered.h"
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 13 #endif
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 14 #include "GenericPingPong.h"
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 15
dev_alexander 19:9f035b9e65ec 16
dev_alexander 19:9f035b9e65ec 17 #define FEATURE_LORA
dev_alexander 19:9f035b9e65ec 18
dev_alexander 19:9f035b9e65ec 19
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 20
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 21 extern BufferedSerial *ser;
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 22 #ifdef FEATURE_USBSERIAL
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 23 extern USBSerialBuffered *usb;
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 24 #endif
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 25 extern bool _useDprintf;
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 26 extern void InitSerial(int timeout, DigitalOut *led);
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 27 extern void dump(const char *title, const void *data, int len, bool dwords = false);
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 28
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 29 extern void dprintf(const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format(printf,1,2)));
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 30 extern void rprintf(const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format(printf,1,2)));
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 31 extern void VAprintf(bool timstamp, bool newline, bool printEnabled, const char *format, va_list arg);