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Dependencies:   Socket USBHostWANDongle_bleedingedge lwip-sys lwip

Dependents:   Encrypted

Fork of VodafoneUSBModem_bleedingedge by Donatien Garnier

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for VodafoneUSBModem_bleedingedge2


ATCommandsInterface AT Commands interface class
IATCommandsProcessor Interface implemented by components executing complex AT commands
IATEventsHandler Interface implemented by components handling AT events
IPInterface Generic IP-based network interface
LinkMonitor Component to monitor link quality
LwIPInterface LwIP-based network interface
PPPIPInterface Interface using PPP to connect to an IP-based network
SMSInterface Component to use the Short Messages Service (SMS)
USSDInterface Component to send/receive Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)
VodafoneUSBModem Vodafone USB Modem (K3770/K3772-Z) dongle


ATCommandsInterface.cpp [code]
ATCommandsInterface.h [code]
bsd_socket.h [code]
config.h [code]
dbg.cpp [code]
dbg.h [code]
errors.h [code]
fwk.h [code]
in.h [code]
IOSerialStream.cpp [code]
IOSerialStream.h [code]
IOStream.h [code]
IPInterface.cpp [code]
IPInterface.h [code]
LinkMonitor.cpp [code]
LinkMonitor.h [code]
LwIPInterface.cpp [code]
LwIPInterface.h [code]
lwipopts_conf.h [code]
MtxCircBuffer.h [code]
netdb.h [code]
PPPIPInterface.cpp [code]
PPPIPInterface.h [code]
SMSInterface.cpp [code]
SMSInterface.h [code]
socket.h [code]
USBSerialStream.cpp [code]
USBSerialStream.h [code]
USSDInterface.cpp [code]
USSDInterface.h [code]
VodafoneUSBModem.cpp [code]
VodafoneUSBModem.h [code]