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Fork of USBHostWANDongle_bleedingedge by Donatien Garnier

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for USBHostWANDongle_bleedingedge


IUSBHostSerial Generic interface to abstract 3G dongles' impl
WANDongle A class to use a WAN (3G/LTE) access dongle
WANDongleSerialPort A class to use a WAN (3G/LTE) access dongle


IUSBEnumerator.h [code]
IUSBHostSerial.h [code]
IUSBHostSerialListener.h [code]
USBDeviceConnected.cpp [code]
USBDeviceConnected.h [code]
USBEndpoint.cpp [code]
USBEndpoint.h [code]
USBHALHost.cpp [code]
USBHALHost.h [code]
USBHost.cpp [code]
USBHost.h [code]
USBHostTypes.h [code]
WANDongle.cpp [code]
WANDongle.h [code]
WANDongleInitializer.cpp [code]
WANDongleInitializer.h [code]
WANDongleSerialPort.cpp [code]
WANDongleSerialPort.h [code]