R1 code for micro:bit based train controller code, requires second micro:bit running rx code to operate - see https://meanderingpi.wordpress.com/ for more information

Fork of nrf51-sdk by Lancaster University

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Link Status Events

Link Status Events
[Device Manager Events]

Link Status Events. More...

Link Status Events.

This category of events notify the application of the link status. Event result associated with the event is provided along with the event in the callback to provide more details of whether a procedure succeeded or failed and assist the application in decision making of how to proceed. For example if a DM_DEVICE_CONNECT_IND is indicated with NRF_SUCCESS result, the application may want to proceed with discovering and association with service of the peer. However, if indicated with a failure result, the application may want to take an alternate action such as reattempting to connect or go into a sleep mode.