Basic C library for MQTT packet serialization and deserialization

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Fork of MQTTPacket by MQTT

This library is part of the EclipseTM Paho project; specifically the embedded client.

A basic MQTT library in C for packet serialization and deserialization


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
25:aedcaf7984d5 2017-10-30 Ian Craggs Merging mine and Jan's changes default tip
24:0cfb74c5a621 2017-10-03 icraggs Latest level of Paho code including PUBREL packet (QoS) fix.
23:7a52009beba1 2017-10-06 Jan Jongboom changeset: 23:0cfb74c5a621
22:1af97b41bc9d 2017-09-25 icraggs Fix sessionPresent flag
21:62396c1620b6 2015-08-03 icraggs Merge updates
20:63c71eeb4183 2015-08-03 icraggs Add Connack return code definitions
19:99773f597e90 2014-10-06 icraggs Fix suback formatting
18:bf36e077e7b8 2014-09-29 icraggs Add packet formatting
17:c5bd28cc139a 2014-08-01 icraggs Initializations to remove compiler warnings
16:d0b3886ada32 2014-08-01 icraggs Add session present flag on connack
15:f0ae0b8d4418 2014-08-01 icraggs Fix unsubscribe packet type
14:c2052aee81de 2014-08-01 Ian Craggs Change C types to better fit MQTT types, and match MQTT-SN library
13:5e60cd1a52e7 2014-08-01 Ian Craggs Compiler warning removal
12:cd99ac9cb25a 2014-08-01 Ian Craggs Change boolean fields to char size, for C++ integration
11:f6574a654c6a 2014-07-02 icraggs Commit merge
10:8dec1424b1c1 2014-07-02 icraggs Add header entry for MQTTPacket_read
9:3893bc7343f4 2014-05-09 sam_grove Added self assignments to hush unused variable warnings
8:b97b9873af52 2014-05-06 Ian Craggs Add description for equals function
7:1b8fb13fc6ef 2014-04-28 icraggs Fix unsubscribe packet
6:68a06bea5429 2014-04-14 Ian Craggs Make sure MQTTString is initialized properly in deserialization
5:eea71419676a 2014-04-14 icraggs Add a string comparison function
4:c502573c6016 2014-04-11 Ian Craggs Pings and other fixes
3:4a4f8699f935 2014-04-10 icraggs Fix up connect options defaults, and serialization of 0-length strings
2:bc3bc0e3b764 2014-04-10 icraggs Add samples and test
1:069ae45b7070 2014-03-31 icraggs Two small corrections
0:7734401cc1b4 2014-02-04 icraggs First version of MQTT library