Sample to operate omron HVC-P2 on GR-PEACH.

Dependencies:   AsciiFont

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for GR-PEACH_HVC-P2_sample


BinaryImage_RZ_A1H.c [code]
BinaryImage_RZ_A1H.h [code]
FrInterface.c [code]
FrInterface.h [code]
HVCApi.c [code]
HVCApi.h [code]
HVCDef.h [code]
HVCExtraUartFunc.h [code]
Interface.c [code]
Interface.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
PeInterface.c [code]
PeInterface.h [code]
recognition_proc.cpp [code]
recognition_proc.h [code]
SdkSTBFr.c [code]
include/SdkSTBFr.h [code]
STB_FaceRecognition/SdkSTBFr.h [code]
SdkSTBPe.c [code]
include/SdkSTBPe.h [code]
STB_Property/SdkSTBPe.h [code]
SdkSTBTr.c [code]
include/SdkSTBTr.h [code]
STB_Tracker/SdkSTBTr.h [code]
STB_Debug.h [code]
STBAPI.c [code]
src/STB/STBAPI.h [code]
usr_include/STBAPI.h [code]
src/include/STBCommonDef.h [code]
usr_include/STBCommonDef.h [code]
STBCommonType.h [code]
STBFaceInfo.c [code]
STBFaceInfo.h [code]
STBFrAPI.c [code]
STBFrAPI.h [code]
STBFrTypedef.h [code]
STBFrValidValue.c [code]
STBFrValidValue.h [code]
STBHandle.h [code]
STBMakeResult.c [code]
STBMakeResult.h [code]
STBPeAPI.c [code]
STBPeAPI.h [code]
STBPeTypedef.h [code]
STBPeValidValue.c [code]
STBPeValidValue.h [code]
STBTracking.c [code]
STBTracking.h [code]
STBTrAPI.c [code]
STBTrAPI.h [code]
STBTrTypedef.h [code]
STBTrValidValue.c [code]
STBTrValidValue.h [code]
STBTypedef.h [code]
STBTypedefInput.h [code]
STBTypedefOutput.h [code]
STBValidValue.c [code]
STBValidValue.h [code]
STBWrap.c [code]
STBWrap.h [code]
touch_proc.cpp [code]
touch_proc.h [code]
TrInterface.c [code]
TrInterface.h [code]