DeepCover Embedded Security in IoT: Public-key Secured Data Paths

Dependencies:   MaximInterface

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for MAXREFDES155#


Allocator Concept for allocating, resizing and freeing memory block
ASCII< CharType > ASCII encoding
AutoUTF< CharType > Dynamically select encoding according to stream's runtime-specified UTF encoding type
AutoUTFInputStream< CharType, InputByteStream > Input stream wrapper with dynamically bound encoding and automatic encoding detection
AutoUTFOutputStream< CharType, OutputByteStream > Output stream wrapper with dynamically bound encoding and automatic encoding detection
BaseReaderHandler< Encoding, Derived > Default implementation of Handler
Bitmap Stores a black and white bitmap image
Button Clickable button control with text label
CC3100 CC3100 Wi-Fi station interface for mbed using SPI
CrtAllocator C-runtime library allocator
Display Interface to the SPI LCD module
DisplayGraphicWindow Displays a pop-up window with a user-specified graphic and a return button
DisplayIdWindow Displays the Web ID of the device before connecting to Wi-Fi or later as a pop-up window
EncodedInputStream< UTF8<>, MemoryStream > Specialized for UTF8 MemoryStream
EncodedOutputStream< Encoding, OutputByteStream > Output byte stream wrapper with statically bound encoding
Encoding Concept for encoding of Unicode characters
ErrorWindow Displays a fatal error message to the user
GenericArray< Const, ValueT > Helper class for accessing Value of array type
GenericDocument< Encoding, Allocator, StackAllocator > A document for parsing JSON text as DOM
GenericInsituStringStream< Encoding > A read-write string stream
GenericMember< Encoding, Allocator > Name-value pair in a JSON object value
GenericMemberIterator< Const, Encoding, Allocator > (Constant) member iterator for a JSON object value
GenericMemberIterator< false, Encoding, Allocator > Non-const GenericMemberIterator
GenericMemberIterator< true, Encoding, Allocator > Const GenericMemberIterator
GenericMemoryBuffer< Allocator > Represents an in-memory output byte stream
GenericObject< Const, ValueT > Helper class for accessing Value of object type
GenericPointer< ValueType, Allocator > Represents a JSON Pointer. Use Pointer for UTF8 encoding and default allocator
GenericReader< SourceEncoding, TargetEncoding, StackAllocator > SAX-style JSON parser. Use Reader for UTF8 encoding and default allocator
GenericSchemaDocument< ValueT, Allocator > JSON schema document
GenericSchemaValidator< SchemaDocumentType, OutputHandler, StateAllocator > JSON Schema Validator
GenericStringRef< CharType > Reference to a constant string (not taking a copy)
GenericStringStream< Encoding > Read-only string stream
GenericValue< Encoding, Allocator > Represents a JSON value. Use Value for UTF8 encoding and default allocator
Graphic Base class for all graphical elements
Handler Concept for receiving events from GenericReader upon parsing. The functions return true if no error occurs. If they return false, the event publisher should terminate the process
HardwareTestWindow Assembly hardware test procedure
Image Graphic type that displays a bitmap
InitWindow Displays a welcome screen and optionally initializes the DS2476 and CC3100
Writer< OutputStream, SourceEncoding, TargetEncoding, StackAllocator, writeFlags >::Level Information for each nested level
MemoryPoolAllocator< BaseAllocator > Default memory allocator used by the parser and DOM
NormalOperationWindow Handles normal operation of the demo including displaying status information and processing commands from the server
ParseResult Result of parsing (wraps ParseErrorCode)
GenericPointer< ValueType, Allocator >::PercentDecodeStream A helper stream for decoding a percent-encoded sequence into code unit
GenericPointer< ValueType, Allocator >::PercentEncodeStream< OutputStream > A helper stream to encode character (UTF-8 code unit) into percent-encoded sequence
PrettyWriter< OutputStream, SourceEncoding, TargetEncoding, StackAllocator, writeFlags > Writer with indentation and spacing
Rectangle Rectangle graphical primitive
SchemaValidatingReader< parseFlags, InputStream, SourceEncoding, SchemaDocumentType, StackAllocator > A helper class for parsing with validation
SensorNode Interface to the authenticated sensor node peripheral board
CC3100::SPI SPI bus interface
Stream Concept for reading and writing characters
StreamLocalCopy< Stream, 0 > Keep reference
StreamLocalCopy< Stream, 1 > Do copy optimization
StreamTraits< Stream > Provides additional information for stream
Text Text graphical primitive
GenericPointer< ValueType, Allocator >::Token A token is the basic units of internal representation
Transcoder< SourceEncoding, TargetEncoding > Encoding conversion
Transcoder< Encoding, Encoding > Specialization of Transcoder with same source and target encoding
UTF16< CharType > UTF-16 encoding
UTF16BE< CharType > UTF-16 big endian encoding
UTF16LE< CharType > UTF-16 little endian encoding
UTF32< CharType > UTF-32 encoding
UTF32BE< CharType > UTF-32 big endian encoding
UTF32LE< CharType > UTF-32 little endian enocoding
WifiConnectWindow Displays Wi-Fi connection information, connects to the Wi-Fi AP, and connects to the server
Window Adds window properties to a Graphic
WindowManager Stack based window manager
Writer< OutputStream, SourceEncoding, TargetEncoding, StackAllocator, writeFlags > JSON writer


allocators.h [code]
biginteger.h [code]
Bitmap.cpp [code]
Bitmap.hpp [code]
Button.cpp [code]
Button.hpp [code]
CC3100.cpp [code]
CC3100.hpp [code]
device.c [code]
device.h [code]
Display.cpp [code]
Display.hpp [code]
DisplayGraphicWindow.cpp [code]
DisplayGraphicWindow.hpp [code]
DisplayIdWindow.cpp [code]
DisplayIdWindow.hpp [code]
diyfp.h [code]
document.h [code]
driver.c [code]
driver.h [code]
dtoa.h [code]
en.h [code]
encodedstream.h [code]
encodings.h [code]
error.h [code]
ErrorWindow.cpp [code]
ErrorWindow.hpp [code]
Factory.cpp [code]
Factory.hpp [code]
filereadstream.h [code]
filewritestream.h [code]
flowcont.c [code]
flowcont.h [code]
fs.c [code]
fs.h [code]
fwd.h [code]
Graphic.cpp [code]
Graphic.hpp [code]
HardwareTestWindow.cpp [code]
HardwareTestWindow.hpp [code]
ieee754.h [code]
Image.cpp [code]
Image.hpp [code]
InitWindow.cpp [code]
InitWindow.hpp [code]
istreamwrapper.h [code]
itoa.h [code]
Keys.hpp [code]
main.cpp [code]
MakeFunction.hpp [code]
memorybuffer.h [code]
memorystream.h [code]
meta.h [code]
netapp.c [code]
netapp.h [code]
netcfg.c [code]
netcfg.h [code]
nonos.c [code]
nonos.h [code]
NormalOperationWindow.cpp [code]
NormalOperationWindow.hpp [code]
objInclusion.h [code]
ostreamwrapper.h [code]
pointer.h [code]
pow10.h [code]
prettywriter.h [code]
protocol.h [code]
rapidjson.h [code] Common definitions and configuration
reader.h [code]
Rectangle.cpp [code]
Rectangle.hpp [code]
regex.h [code]
schema.h [code]
SensorNode.cpp [code]
SensorNode.hpp [code]
sha256_software.c [code]
simplelink.h [code]
socket.c [code]
socket.h [code]
spawn.c [code]
spawn.h [code]
stack.h [code]
stream.h [code]
strfunc.h [code]
stringbuffer.h [code]
strtod.h [code]
swap.h [code]
Text.cpp [code]
Text.hpp [code]
trace.h [code]
user.h [code]
WifiConnectWindow.cpp [code]
WifiConnectWindow.hpp [code]
Window.hpp [code]
WindowManager.cpp [code]
WindowManager.hpp [code]
wlan.c [code]
wlan.h [code]
wlan_rx_filters.h [code]
writer.h [code]