Demo application for using the AT&T IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS.

Dependencies:   SDFileSystem

Fork of ATT_AWS_IoT_demo by Anthony Phillips

IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS Demo

This program demonstrates the AT&T IoT Starter Kit sending data directly into AWS IoT. It's explained and used in the Getting Started with the IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS on

What's required

  • AT&T IoT LTE Add-on (also known as the Cellular Shield)
  • NXP K64F - for programming
  • microSD card - used to store your AWS security credentials
  • AWS account
  • Python, locally installed

If you don't already have an IoT Starter Kit, you can purchase a kit here. The IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS includes the LTE cellular shield, K64F, and a microSD card.

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ampembeng 20:ee34856ae510 2 #define Hardware_H_
ampembeng 20:ee34856ae510 3 extern I2C i2c; //SDA, SCL -- define the I2C pins being used
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ampembeng 20:ee34856ae510 5 #endif
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