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Trying to match up pins for sparkfun wifly shield with KL25Z

Hi All,

Got my shiny new KL25Z this week along with the wifly shield from sparkfun https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9954 and I'm trying to work out the correct pin mappings for the Wifly library.

It think these ones are correct:

  • PTA2 = tx
  • PTA1 = rx
  • PTA20 = reset

But I cannot work out which in to use for the connection status. The docs for the wifly module I think say it is GPIO6 on their module. Which may prove problematic as this pin doesn't seem to be broken out on the sparkfun shield.

So if anyone has suggestions I would be very much grateful.

Thanks, Jon

1 Answer

7 years, 9 months ago.

Looking at the Sparkfun site the shield maps out to:

  • reset pta20
  • vin j9 16
  • gnd j2 14
  • gnd j9 12
  • gnd J9 14
  • d13 PTD1
  • d12 PTD3
  • d11 PTD2
  • d10 PTD0
  • d07 PTC9

I don't think that it uses PTA1 / PTA2 as it looks like it uses SPI as its prefered comms...

Yours Simon M.

Accepted Answer

Thanks Simon. On further inspection it does appear to use the spi uart chip instead of straight serial. That'll teach me to get all excited before reading the specs carefully. Next step attempting to port their arduino uart code so I can actually talk to the damn thing!

posted by Jonathan Moss 14 May 2013

how did you achieve this?

can you elaborate.??

posted by shahid darbar 14 May 2013

shahid darbar wrote:

how did you achieve this?

can you elaborate.??

simple usb barcode scanner + usb hid lib + bluetooth

posted by Chema Moto 14 May 2013

what is usb hid lib, r u referring to firmware, my apologies, but i am new to MCUs

posted by shahid darbar 14 May 2013

I'm on;y a novice at this thing, but do keep me informed. I had luck getting a sparkfun max7456 to work with a KL25Z look at http://mbed.org/cookbook/MODMAX7456#c6103 this might help getting the SPI working? Yours Simon M.

posted by Simon Markham 14 May 2013