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How to enable 'thread-stats" ?


I am new to embed, and am looking for an example of (I cannot find a nice example after a good amount of time on Google ) of a walk through of how to enable MBED's thread stats functions. There is sample code showing some of the APIs, but not how to modify the .json files to add bits like something like this

"target_overrides": { "*": { "platform.thread-stats-enabled": true }

and then apparently you also need to add a .macro to the json too, that looks a bit like this "MBED_HEAP_STATS_ENABLED=1",

I'm using mbed 1.0.0 so maybe I have a problem there? Version too early?

If I search all the MBED files I cannot reference s to the functions and typedefs used in the example code I have seen, which has further confused me. Any tips or links to examples appreciated, especially with enough information for an MBED newbie.

Cheers, Nick

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