7 months ago.

mbed CAN bitrate change


my name is Jaesung, and now I use the Nucleo-STM32F767ZI board.

when I use CAN communication, the default bit-rate is fixed at 125kbits

how can I change this?

the mbed library only supports to change the clock frequency of the CAN bus, but I want to change the bit rate of the CAN.

please let me know the method.

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7 months ago.

Hi there,

from my point of view the frequency of the CAN is same as the bit rate and all nodes on the CAN-BUS must have set same frequency. Higher frequency = higher bit rate.

  • 1000000hz = 1000kbps bit rate
  • 500000hz = 500kbps bit rate
  • 100000hz = 100kbps bit rate


            can.frequency(500000); //must be called every time after reset or startup.
/*rest of code*/

BR, Jan