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upload an .bin file using j-link

i have an micro controller that use the same processor as the 1050 evkb so i am using that as my target and changed the pins so it uses the right pin location for what I use. now I need to upload the code using an j-link so I try to flash it to my micro controller but no errors are ever generated but my program doesn't work. are there best practices to flash mbed.os using an j-link or is it like an no go zone.

greeting Marc

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1 year, 8 months ago.

I dont have the 1050 evkb so cant test it, but I did use Segger J-Link to flash other boards with mbed bin code. This should work. Some questions: Did you connect the VTarget pin to the J-Link, otherwise it cant flash or control the target. Did you try to read back the code and verify the device against the flashed bin file. Did you reset the device after flashing, I sometimes noticed that it would not start automatically. Also make sure the device is not somehow kept in reset state. Finally there might be issues with the device clock, make sure it works and that the circuitry is the same as on the mbed board or the device may not start automatically. Obviously there could be other hardware issues with the target board. Have you been able to run any other code on it at all?