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Pin Connection for STM32F746G-DISCO and OV7670 camera module

Hi All, I'm trying to use this code ( https://os.mbed.com/users/buyukesmeli/code/BSP_DISCO_F746NG/ ) but i don't know how to connect camera to the board . Please any one has any idea how to connect to it .It will be very helpfull.

Thanks and Regards Aakash Patil

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Hi Aakash,

Start by looking ST's digital camera interface which is available on Disco board: https://www.st.com/content/ccc/resource/technical/document/application_note/group0/c0/ef/15/38/d1/d6/49/88/DM00373474/files/DM00373474.pdf/jcr:content/translations/en.DM00373474.pdf This next links says that you should be able to connect camera module to the camera interface: https://www.openhacks.com/uploadsproductos/ov7670_cmos_camera_module_revc_ds.pdf

Regards, Pekka

4 months, 1 week ago.

Hi there,

I have no experience with a camera so this is only theoretical tips.

the BSP library is for peripherals of the board so the pins (check EOL comments ) are probably connected directly to the DCMI connector P1 on board's back side. That mean, that library already contain necessary pins inside the code. So when you have a variant of the camera with the flat flex cable for DCMI connector, you can try to write a test program with instructions whitch are inside the library.

Another option is an another library from mbed components or community.

GL and Br, Jan