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UBLOX C030-R412M dev board detected as ublox-C030-U201/

Dear all, We have just purchased from ublox a development board "mbed ready" model C030-R412M. However the mbed.htm file in the disk , visible when the device is plugged in, redirect to the mbed portal as a different dev board such C030-U201 (also the mbed cli detect it as C030-U201).

We have tried to compile and load example programs , from mbed portal, as target C030-U201 they compile and load to the board. The board seem run them but we see odd behaviour like receiving AT commands in the debug port while they should be sent to the cellular engine.

Is there any fw update that is applicable to this board ? Anybody have this board running ?

Thanks in advance for your support,

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Hi Giuseppe,

I don't have the board in hand, but we do support this platform.


So you should be able to compile binary for target C030-R412M (use -m UBLOX_C030_R412M instead of using auto detect), would you give it a try?

Thanks, Desmond

Accepted Answer

Hi Desmon, Thanks for your reply. Downloading the latest code "example-ublox-cellular-radio-access-technology" and using the target name you suggested the cellular part of the board works like a charm, I can perform traffic on both 2G and NB1 networks. However at present I am struggling with the gnss part of the board , looking at the codes released by the ublox team I cannot see example codes that are compliant with this board (for the cellular part there is a specific note). Do you have any hint ? May I have to ask to ublox team directly ?

Thanks again for your support


posted by Giuseppe B 27 Aug 2019

Hi Giuseppe,

I guess you have to reach out to ublox team for the example for GNSS module, sorry I am not able to provide further help on this.

Regards, Desmond

posted by Desmond Chen 28 Aug 2019