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USB support for STM32H743 Nucleo board?

Hello there,

recently I started working in a company and we develop hardware that's based on MCUs by ST. We previously used STM32F769 chips but recently switched over to the STM32H743. Unfortunately we rely on USB functionality which isn't present yet in mbed for the H7 MCU.
Are there any release plans by ST or is anyone working on this yet?

I would like to volunteer in helping to get the port going, but looking only at the HAL codes and other working implementations (e.g. of the STM32F769) hasn't really earned my any success yet.
Does anybody have pointers for me besides what's mentioned in the Porting Guide for USB?

Thank you!
Andreas Hartmann

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Hi Andreas,

I don't have the information for the plan on porting USB device on H7 MCU. I found two PRs related to USB device implementation may be helpful for you.



Regards, Desmond

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Hi Desmond,

Thanks a lot for the pointers!
However, these PRs seem to implement USB support from scratch, whereas the USB Codebase for STM boards is already implemented.

Right now I can make the non-blocking USB constructor pass successfully, but the call to "connect" waits indefinitely. As far as I could determine there is no activity on the hardware lines either - which seems weird.

I'll go ahead poking around in the codebase and post updates as soon as I find anything new.

Regards, Andreas

posted by Andreas Hartmann 29 Aug 2019