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NUCLEO-F676ZI serial communication package lost

Hi, there~

I'm new to the mbed and I'm switching from Arduino mega2560 to F767ZI board to increase my project's update rate. The problem is when I was using the controller to read the serial data from MPU6050(a module that transferred the data from i2c to serial already), I could get the full set of data, with 0x51(for XYZ acceleration), 0x52(for angular velocity ) and 0x53(for angle). Because of the low updating rate (along with other sensors), I switched to F767ZI while I can only get the data with 0x51 header.

Attached please find the main.cpp for mbed file and two data output from 2560 and F676ZI

I have searched lots of posts while still cannot find a proper solution, looking forward to your help.

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