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Why isn't my nRF52-DK showing up in Mbed Studio?

Whenever I connect my nRF52-DK to my PC, Mbed Studio simply gives me the message "Warning: The detected device 'USB Composite Device' does not support debugging. Debug functionality has been disabled."

I have the latest version of nRFgo Studio and the bundled JLink drivers, as well as Mbed Studio 0.5.3.

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3 months, 3 weeks ago.


try to start the DK in bootloader mode (press and hold the reset-button, then connect the USB-cable). The DK should be recognised are mass-storage as usual but will be named "bootloader" or something like that.

To this storage, drag-and-drop the Mbed Firmware for the nRF52 DK, which can be found here:


Just go to "Interface MCU firmware" select "Mbed" and click download(the file should be named "nrf5x_atsam3u2c_if_mbed_V0221_11012017.bin"). After that the DK reboots, flashes the Mbed Firmware and should start blinking. Unplug it and plug it in again. Now Mbed Studio should recognise it.

Good luck

Thanks! I also had to update DAPLink to enable debugging, but now Studio sees my board just fine.

posted by Ryan Hattie 02 Jul 2019

Nice! Have fun

posted by Sebastian Miethe 03 Jul 2019