1 year, 3 months ago.

managed bootloader not padding binary per target.restrict_size setting (mbed-os-5.11.1)

I have an Mbed application (mbed-os-5.11.1) based on the STM32L471QG and using the GCC compiler. I am trying to implement a managed bootloader, but the target.restrict_size setting in mbed_app.json is not padding the generated .bin file out to the requested size. It appears that there is already an issue filed for this problem but no action that I am aware of.

What is the best workaround for this? I already have a custom linker script, so maybe there is a way to force the requisite padding in the linker script?

Can anyone suggest how to accomplish this? Is there a better workaround?

For the moment I am simply hardcoding the address at which my application will be linked so that it will be where the bootloader expects it to be. Obviously I would prefer the linker be able to figure this out by pulling in the correctly padded binary via the target.bootloader_img setting in it's mbed_app.json file.

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