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How to get rid of ISR Queue Overflow error?

I am receiving messages from serial com, and them storing them in a queue.

My queue is defined global like so:

Queue<char, 400> comQ;

And then in my main I attach that serial com like this:


And then the idea is that I put those characters coming in inside the comQ, and fetch them when I need to read them, which may be a considerable amount of time later for a real-time system, especially when taking into account that ISR will work constantly if messages are coming in fast...

void newMessage() {
    static char inputBuff;
    while (com12.readable()) {
        inputBuff = com12.getc(); 
        comQ.put(&inputBuff);                         //store the char in queue for later use

And then I got the following error from doing that:

+ MbedOS Error Info ++ Error Status: 0x80020126 Code: 294 Module: 2 Error Message: CMSIS-RTOS error: ISR Queue overflow Location: 0xC0F3 Error Value: 0x2 Current Thread: rtx_idle Id: 0x1000037C Entry: 0xCDF7 StackSize: 0x200 StackMem: 0x10000408 SP: 0x10007F60 For more info, visit: https://armmbed.github.io/mbedos-error/?error=0x80020126 MbedOS Error Info

What exactly can I do, other than to possibly separate/slow down the messages...? And is the error with comQ or with the ISR itself? Is there simply too many messages coming through com12, or is there a way to get rid of this error?

I've tried to add the following line to help the problem: #define OS_ISR_FIFO_QUEUE 30 but it hasn't solved anything. I've also tried to put 'com12.attach(NULL)' at beginning of newMessage function, and then com12.attach(&newMessage); at the end. No methods worked so far for me.

I'm working on LPC1768, on the online compiler.