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I2C Not working on F411RE

Hello to everyone!

I am a novice so I apologize for posting probably trivial questions.

I tested I2C communication on stm F411RE using mbed compiler (on the cloud) and it does not work at all. I tried also port scan examples but the slave device is not detected. I verified the electric signals on the board, on all possible pins, but I could not find a clock (SCL).

I did the same test using CubeMX+TrueStudio and it works fine.

Any idea?

Thank you, Nicola

Some additional info: F411Re board is updated to the latest firmware The pins used for I2C communication are PB9 (SDA) and PB8 (SCL), explicitly set in both tests.

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Hi, can you place here your code (please use editing tips)?

posted by Jan Kamidra 03 Jun 2019
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