1 year, 11 months ago.

LPC2000 External Interrupts with Idle Mode and Power Down

Has anyone used any flavor of the LPC2000 chip? LPC213x or LPC214x? The user manual is a little vague on using External Interrupts in Idle Mode. I think the ENTx pins will only wake the processor in PD mode, but not in Idle Mode. Is this correct? It works this way on my prototype board. I've only use PD mode in other projects, but wanted to use Idle Mode this time, because I have an application that needs the processor to wake up on a UART1 peripheral activation (only can be done in Idle Mode) and also wake up on an external event (which is basically four events ORed together into the External Interrupt 3 input. But the event doesn't wake up the processor in Idle Mode, but does in PD mode. So, I might need to figure out another way to have both wakeups. But, I wanted someone to confirm that Idle Mode cannot be used with ENTx.



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