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NUCLEO-F767ZI Ethernet Interface does not appear to work on 10Mbit network

All MBED OS 5 Network code appears to work with my 100Mbit network, but when plugged into a 10Mbit hub, I only get a blinking orange LED, but the LED on the left (green on 100 Mbit) is off.

I also notice that I do not get an ARP message on 10Mbit like I do on 100 Mbit. Is the interface supposed to to auto-negotiate speed and duplex (that is what the code says it is doing)

My interface is set with a static address:

... eth.set_dhcp(false); eth.set_network(address.io_addr, address.io_mask, address.gateway); ... and

EthHandle.Init.AutoNegotiation = ETH_AUTONEGOTIATION_ENABLE; EthHandle.Init.Speed = ETH_SPEED_100M; EthHandle.Init.DuplexMode = ETH_MODE_FULLDUPLEX;

I did try to modify the speed and duplex setting, no good!

Am I missing something?

Also note that the ST sample code that acts as a simple web server works at any speed... Just the MBED code does no work at 10 Mbit.



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