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NRF52840 Softdevice update

Hi, I just found out, that mbed uses the alpha version of the nordic softdevice, but there is a much more recent release.. Is it possible to update to the latest softdevice? or will that require much rework and has to be done by the MBED team? and If so, when will that happen?

thanks, Jonas

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2 years, 6 months ago.

Hi Jonas,

We've done a port to the Nordic v15 SDK (which includes SoftDevice 140 v6.0) and this is a feature branch available here:

This was just rebased to be current with v5.12 and support the new build tools (Arm Compiler 6 and IAR v8.32). If you identify any problems with the feature branch, please raise them on GitHub.

Shortly we'll be bringing in USB device support (see https://github.com/TacoGrandeTX/mbed-os/pull/10).

We expect the feature branch to be merged into mainline relatively soon.


Ralph, Team Mbed

hi, thanks for your answer. by any chance, do you know how I can use a feature branch with platformIO?

posted by Jonas Woerner 03 Apr 2019