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How do I use BLE and WiFi concurrently on the UBLOX-ODIN-W2?

I have been struggling with this issue for some weeks now with no solution. I am using the mbed 5 on the UBLOX-ODIN-W2 EVK and have got BLE and WiFi working independently in different application examples. My target application however requires that they both work concurrently. When I attempt this, the BLE stops working. I have set Wifi to non-blocking in my code but still once I start a WiFi scan (or even if i skip the scan and just do a non-blocking connect) the BLE link is lost and never recovers until I reset. The interesting thing though is that the BLE stack continues to report that it is still advertising so this looks like a radio issue.

Can anyone offer any help on this please?

Many thanks,


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