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How do I use BLE and WiFi concurrently on the UBLOX-ODIN-W2?

I have been struggling with this issue for some weeks now with no solution. I am using the mbed 5 on the UBLOX-ODIN-W2 EVK and have got BLE and WiFi working independently in different application examples. My target application however requires that they both work concurrently. When I attempt this, the BLE stops working. I have set Wifi to non-blocking in my code but still once I start a WiFi scan (or even if i skip the scan and just do a non-blocking connect) the BLE link is lost and never recovers until I reset. The interesting thing though is that the BLE stack continues to report that it is still advertising so this looks like a radio issue.

Can anyone offer any help on this please?

Many thanks,


Hi Okundu,

To make BLE/WiFi work simultaneously, the first thing I would check is the scan interval. Have you tried adding delay between every scan?

posted by Desmond Chen 05 Dec 2019

Thanks for the response Desmond. BLE is in Peripheral mode so is advertising. I am able to connect from reset and it continues to respond to commands until the WiFi is turned on which appears to kill the connection.

posted by Okundu Omeni 05 Dec 2019
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