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Ticker.h ln 125 locking deep sleep at start of blank program

Hi there,

I'm using an STM32L073RZ and attempting to go into deep sleep. To enable development I've defined the "MBED_SLEEP_TRACING_ENABLED" macro to provide debug messages over UART. I'm running MbedOS 5.11.2.

At the very beginning of my program I assume that OS creates a Ticker object and calls attach_us() as the following is printed over UART:

LOCK:Ticker.h ln: 125, lock count: 1. 

This will obviously block deep sleep. Immediately after this the detach() function is called but instead of displaying an UNLOCK message, the following is displayed:

Unlocking sleep for driver that was not previously locked: Ticker.cpp, ln: 32. 

From this point my application is completely blocked from deep sleep. For completeness, here's my code:

int main() {
    while(true) {
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