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Blinky on PSOC 6

Hi, I am trying to load the .hex file from the online compiler to the psoc6 proto board. when it compiles, I get the .hex file. Then I drag it into the directory of the psoc 6 just as the tutorial says. it appears in the directory then the board disconnects and when I try to reboot to run the file. nothing happens. then when I go back to the psoc drive the file is gone. I am new to mbed but not new to developing. what am I missing? Best Regards, Rob Berry

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1 year, 2 months ago.

Hi Robert, I do not have an experience with your target but the .hex file is consumed by the programmer and that is why the flash drive is empty. It is normal and in the instructions it is also mentioned.

Thanks for the reply. I missed that fact in the step by step instructions. Now I need to see why it’s not working then.


posted by Robert Berry 05 Mar 2019