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Wich type of usb cable is the correct?

Im user mac and the LD1 (COM) blinks, neither my mac or pc (i already install the drivers )recognized my board. Which is the correct procedure to connect the board or what can i do?

In the images i show that blinks and the cable that im using

/media/uploads/lechuga2019/52474383_377524023070274_3612624858136969216_n.jpg /media/uploads/lechuga2019/52474383_377524023070274_3612624858136969216_n.jpg /media/uploads/lechuga2019/52828217_2118396428253320_1989500001935425536_n.jpg

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3 years, 9 months ago.

Hi, when the LED1 red blinks that tell you "the board is powered but without a data connection", for example when it is powered from a power bank. The LED1 must stay red light after connect a correct cable, after upload a program LED1 start blink from red to green and after successful upload LED1 will stay green light.

Looks like your cable do not have data wires between USB and mini USB. You can change cable or make a test of your cable when connect to another device like a camera or you can try to use a multimeter.

I do not have experience with a mac but when I connect my Nucleo board to the Windows PC without the ST driver, then Nucleo's flash memory is visible and program can be drag to the memory. Only virtual COM port for debuging not working.