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Why is the 'ide' set with 'config' not used by 'export' command in mbed CLI?

We can set ide and target as

mbed config ide [selelected IDE]
mbed config target [selected target]

However, export does not use the ide set with config and commands like below fail

mbed export


mbed export -m LPC1768

Although the target set with config works fine. For example

mbed export -i gcc_arm

I think in real life users usually use only one IDE and several targets. So it would be more pratical to be able to omit the ide than the target. Otherwise what's the point of setting the ide with config (what is it used for)?

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5 months, 3 weeks ago.

Hi Zoltan,

That's a good observation! I think at one point this was supported but it no longer is. If you run the command with --help we report that we only support target, toolchain, protocol, depth and cache:

mbed config --help
usage: mbed config [-h] [-G] [-U] [-L] [-v] [-vv] [var] [value]

Gets, sets or unsets mbed tool configuration options.
Options can be global (via the --global switch) or local (per program)
Global options are always overridden by local/program options.
Currently supported options: target, toolchain, protocol, depth, cache

So we let other options to be set, but they won't have any effect.

We'll check with the developers if there's more to the story and report back if there is.


Ralph, Team Mbed

Zoltan - the IDE config option has never been supported. It turns out that we allow any variable to be set (even if not a formal Mbed config option such as "foo"). The list of supported options provided by --help is also outdated, so we have raised an issue to get this corrected:

Thanks for bringing this up.

- Regards, Ralph

posted by Ralph Fulchiero 01 Mar 2019

Thank you Ralph. It sounds reasonable. Anyway, with the release of Mbed Studio it becomes negligible.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 02 Mar 2019