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nRF suggestion for multiple BLE slave sensors


I'm looking for a solution for my project. I want to connect two sensors that work with ble (cadence/speed and heart rate monitor) to an nRF. (later display the values on a screen ect.)

1. How do I achieve reading data from both sensors at the same time using BLE? 2. What is the nRF IC should I use for this application?


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5 months, 2 weeks ago.

Hi Silard,

GATTS and GATTC would be the best for this scenario, please find the BLE examples here

On sensor side, they are providing data like a server, so you can use BLE_GattServer project, which is able to provide data to client.

On receiver side, it is receiving data like a client, so you can use BLE_GattClient project, which is able to receive data from server.

There are some proper devices for BLE feature introduced in the README, I would suggest you starting your project by these devices, or you can check our website for all of the board supported Mbed OS with BLE.

Thanks, Desmond, team Mbed

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