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UbloxATCellularInterfaceN2xx "get_ip_adress()" not returning value

Hello there,

I've encountered an issue with "get_ip_adress()" method using UbloxATCellularInterfaceN2xx interface with UBLOX C020_N211 device. I'm using easy-connect - version for C027 & C030 platforms. Calling method get_ip_adress(), the "AT+CGPADDR" command is sent. The IP is recieved, as well as OK status. Instead, method returns NULL and I cannot connect.

In fact, after changing code to:

const char * addr; WORKAROUND


if (!_at->send("AT+CGPADDR") || !_at->recv("+CGPADDR:%d,%15[^\n]\n", &id, _ip) || ! _at->recv("OK") || !address.set_ip_address(_ip) || !address) { addr = _ip; WORKAROUND free (_ip); _ip = NULL; } }

UNLOCK(); return _ip; return addr; WORKAROUND }

Device is connected to network and works properly.

Please, take a look on that issue. Best regards!

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