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[BLE]Does any APIs on MBED OS v5.11 support to read "LE Data Packet Length Extension" and others?

Hi there, I read through APIs list of mbed os v5.11, https://os.mbed.com/docs/v5.11/apis/bluetooth.html , I found that there is not any API which is about read and enable/disable local device's "LE Data Packet Length Extension" capability.

This capability was introduced at Bluetooth Core Spec v4.2 and it's optional. so developers may need an API to read whether the device support or not; if support, developers may need an API to enable/disable it; if peer device support, developers may need an API to read peer device enable it or not;

I think this could be improvement of MBED Bluetooth APIs.


Regards, Kai

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1 year ago.

Hi Kai Ren,

Thank you for providing this enhancement, I saw you have created a issue https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/issues/9263 on our GitHub project, we will look into it.

Thank you for contributing to our project!

- Desmond, team Mbed