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NRF24@SPI / TCPServer@ETH - Conflicting


I run a program on a NUCLEOF767ZI with the NRFNetwork where i use this node as "master" (access point).

The AP receives data from its children over NRF24L01+ radio with the NRFNetwork(https://os.mbed.com/users/akashvibhute/code/RF24Network/file/dfc8da7ac18c/RF24Network.h/). In order to send out controll commands, i run a RESTful HTTP Server (https://developer.mbed.org/teams/sandbox/code/mbed-http/#fa4d71265625) on this node to receivce commands and display information on a website.

When i just run the NRFNetwork and check incoming data over Serial, everything works just fine. When i run additionally the Webserver in a seperate thread with lower priority, the NRF network stops working (i no longer receive data nor can i send data). The Webserver though works just fine.

Do you guys have some inputs what might be the issue here?

I did already test the NVIC priority and set all ETH related vectors to a lower prio (higher value) than the SPI related interrupt vectors. Did not change anything (ive done this after the Object startup so it does not get overwritten by defaults).

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