8 months ago.

How can i modify how much ram gets set aside for the Nrodic Softdevice?

Hi, I am trying to get 10 concurrent BLE links established with an NRF52. but when i increase the amount to more than 4 it wont work anymore.. I guess i have to set aside more ram, but how do i do this?

thanks Jonas

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8 months ago.

Hi Jonas,

If you are using Command Line Interface (mbed CLI), you get a statistics of your memory usage at the end of the build process.



Memory map breakdown for built projects (values in Bytes):
| name | target   | toolchain | static_ram | total_flash |
| echo | NRF52_DK | GCC_ARM   |      10652 |       57270 |

You could see what the usage is with different number of BLE links.

Here is an article that talks about memory usage. Please see if that helps.

Let us know what approach is helping you or if you have any other related questions.


Naveen team mbed.

Hi, thanks for your reply, but I need to know how I can set aside RAM for the Nordic softdevice.. maybe my question was misleading. However, I will open a new question as discussed here:

posted by Jonas Woerner 19 Nov 2018

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