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Dipdap--which FW image to use?

I'm confused by the documentation on the DipDap

It says to use the appropriate firmware image. There are 4 FW images shown.

NXP K64F NXP LPC1768 Nordic nRF51822 Multitech xDOT

Are we supposed to choose the image based on the target mcu? I'm guessing because none of those images say "LPC11U35". So if that is the case can we update the documentation to say "firmware for the desired target mcu" rather than "appropriate firmware"?

The prebuilt images names suggest a Dipdap with the Nordic FW will only program a nordic nrf51. Well I just programmed an nrf52 with it. Is there a list of which devices are programmable with which FW images? Or is this totally perilous and worked as a freak accident?

Also, how is one supposed to build a custom image? The links suggested there would be instructions on this "or build your own using DAPLink project". But I didn't find any in the project documentation. It says what DipDap does, but not how to make a custom firmware image. Is it as simple as "1. import into mbed online compiler", "2. compile for your target", "3. copy to the drive as described above." If so, maybe the documentation could just say that. If not, a hint or two would be great.

Should this page reference this link: ? I think that is where all the firmware is located.

posted by Dan Allen 08 Nov 2018
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