3 years ago.

MQTT protocol in AWS Connection Lost

Hello Everyone,

So I am currently using a NXP K64F board with an AT&T IoT LTE Add-on and I am using this board to connect to AWS. I am connecting to AWS via a HTTPS link provided by an AWS IoT Thing and I am using this link to subscribe to a MQTT protocol. My issue arises in maintaining the connection. It will connect once, disconnect after a few seconds and give me the following error in the screen shot . Eventually it does this enough times where I assume to runs out of RAM space on the board and just crashes altogether, which is the second screen shot . Would anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be?

I am pretty sure my certificate's are all fine and I have installed and re-installed them a few times to no avail. I also increased the timeout length in the code and it did nothing.

For reference I am using the OutofBoxFunction() in this demo, which can be found if you scroll within the main.cpp, I think around line 400 something. https://os.mbed.com/teams/ATT-IoT/code/ATT_AWS_IoT_demo/ /media/uploads/rtimmagi/1.png /media/uploads/rtimmagi/3.png

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