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We are planing to start a new project based on opencv for head count , wheather this board will suit for this condition

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GR-LYCHEE is an Mbed enabled platform which combines the advantages of the Mbed ecosystem and Arduino UNO form factor. GR-LYCHEE includes Camera module, Wi-Fi module, and Audio codec as standard …

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Hi there,

Do you have a specific question regarding the GR-LYCHEE board?

- Jenny, team Mbed

yaa we are planning to implement the opencv based head counter in GR-LYCHEE and there is any compiler tool is available for Ubuntu and whether it will support python language

posted by vikram j 29 Oct 2018
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Thank you for your comment.

You can use OpenCV on GR-LYCHEE board. This library support GCC ARM compiler only, so please compile on Mbed CLI, not Mbed Online Compiler.

For details on mbed CLI, please refer to the following URL:

Also, OpenCV sample programs are introduced below(the manual is written in Japanese).
- https://github.com/d-kato/GR-Boards_OpenCV_sample
- https://github.com/d-kato/GR-Boards_CannyEdge_DisplayApp
- https://github.com/d-kato/GR-Boards_FaceDetection_WebCam
- https://github.com/d-kato/GR-Boards_NonContactMouse