9 months ago.

USBMSD not working on STEVAL-STLCS01V1


I am currently working with a STEVAL-STLCS01V1 (SensorTile) board for a project. One of the functionalities that I have to implement is the possibility to use the module as a Mass Storage Device (with an SD card). While USBSerial is working fine, USBMSD does not. Although the SensorTile does show up among the USB devices in the system overview on my MacBook, It does not show up as a removable drive, meaning I cannot read the data stored on the SD card. After debugging, it appears that the function USBMSD::inquiryRequest() keeps returning false. I was wondering whether this is a known problem and how I could resolve this issue?

Best regards, Jaimy

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2 Answers

8 months, 4 weeks ago.

Hi Jaimy, I've the same problem. I'm trying all sort of solution, but without success. Have you found a solution? Best regards, Mario

8 months, 1 week ago.

Hi Jaimy and Mario, I found the same problemthe "if (!write(inquiry, sizeof(inquiry)))" sentence in this function always return false. Have u found a solution? Best regards, Oliver.

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