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TIM2 STM32F767 (hardware counter)


I'm trying to setup TIM2 as a counter ( code bellow)


    RCC  -> APB1ENR |= 0x00000001;  //TIM2 enabled
    TIM2 -> CR1 &= 0xFFFE;                  //TIM2 counter disable
    TIM2 -> PSC = 0x0;                      //Prescaler = 0 (no division)
    TIM2 -> ARR = 0xFFFFFFFF;               //Autoreload

    TIM2 -> CR1 &= 0xFFEF;                  //Up Counting
    TIM2 -> CR1 &= 0xFCFF;                  //tDTS = tCK_INT
    TIM2 -> CCMR1 &= 0xFFFFFFFD;            //CC1 channel is configured as input, IC1 is mapped on TI1
    TIM2 -> CCMR1 |= 0x00000001;
    TIM2 -> CCER  &= 0xFFF5;                //Circuit is sensitive to TIxFP1 rising edge
    TIM2 -> CCER  |= 0x0001;                //Capture enabled
    TIM2 -> SMCR &= 0xFFFEFFDF;             //Filtered Timer Input 1 (TI1FP1)
    TIM2 -> SMCR |= 0x00000057;             //External Clock Mode 1
    TIM2 -> CR1  |= 0x0001;                 //TIM2 counter enable

    while (true) 
          printf("%d\r\n", TIM2 -> CNT);

I'm feeding pin 29 (D32, PA0) of the connector CN10 with 1kHz pulse. For some reason the code isn't working. I'll be very appreciated if someone could help me!

Thank you, Hugo

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I was unaware that I needed to define the pin as an Alternate Function Mode and to route it from TIM2_CH1 to PA0.


GPIOA -> MODER  |= 0x00000002; // Define pin as AF
GPIOA -> AFR[0] |= 0x00000001;  //Route PA0 to TIM2_CH1


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