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Send data to gateway in with end-device LoRa without LoRaWAN

Hello guys

I'm developing an application with LoRa and I needing help to put a end-device communicate with a gateway without LoRaWAN. I was doing this to check in my environment, to find what is the distance that each SF could reach.

I have done it with arduino platform, but I can not make the same with MBed, and my target plataform is MBed, I'm using the board DISCO-L072CZ-LRWAN1.

In arduino I did this using the LMIC library and the example "raw.ino". I tried to use this same library in MBed but I didn't had success (very difficult to compile to my target).

I also tried use the example PingPong that come with the board, the interesting thing is that every 10 packet 1 comes ok, even change the flag "LORA_IQ_INVERSION_ON", but I was not successful, is it possible to use this example as a base?

I'm lost, I've done a lot of testing and nothing works well, I've done the example https://github.com/janjongboom/mbed-os-example-lorawan-minimal, compiled and executed, but I can not put LoRa work without LoRaWAN.

Has anyone ever had the same problem? How can I solve this?

Thank you,

Willian Henrique

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