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STM Nucleo F303K8 erased after power off?

Hi all.

I'm using a STM F303K8 with mbed and have just created a small program that reads a hall sensor on pin PA_9 and if detected, lights up the onboard LED.

I then disconnected the USB and connected it to a USB power adapter, but the board doesn't run the program.

I've reprogrammed it and then powered it through the VIN pin on the board, but the same thing happens.

Program compiles fine and I can transfer the bin to the board over USB, either using the filesystem or ST LINK transfer and the program works as expected, however, when the USB cable is disconnected from the board, the program is not retained in the F303K8 and I have to program it again...?

Is this the norm for Nucleo boards? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.