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Export Program Download gets Stuck

I have a problem with the online compiler export program feature. The ZIP file starts to download but gets stuck when about 5.5MB of 34MB is downloaded. I have tried the Chrome and Firefox browsers and the STM32 and uvision 5 tool-chains but all have the same problem.

Tried it once today and it seems to be working again...

posted by Peter Ampt 18 Jul 2018

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2 years, 10 months ago.

Hello Peter,

It's great that it is working for you now! Did you use anything different that time? If you happen to run into the same issue, you can try using the mbed cli to export your programs:

https://os.mbed.com/docs/v5.9/tools/arm-mbed-cli.html https://os.mbed.com/docs/v5.9/tools/exporting.html#exporting-from-arm-mbed-cli

Hope this helps!

-Karen, team Mbed

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